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Everything started in 2010 with one main target: to restore splendor and new life to iconic destinations, recovering them, enhancing them and returning them to their former glory.

  • An independent group founded and run by a family.

    With it’s spirit: this is the path traced by the enlightened determination of the Monregalese entrepreneurial spirit, whose starting point was the Grand Hotel and which in 2020 decided to reposition itself by creating the brand: Talassio Collection. The glorious nineteenth-century building, for years the symbol of Alassio's dolce vita, has been recovered from a painful 50-year decline. Completely renovated, the Grand Hotel has reopened its doors after half a century of inactivity, becoming the emblem of the Talassio Collection mission. The group's portfolio of hotels has since been extended to other destinations in Liguria and Tuscany, including the island of Elba.

  • There is more than one common thread linking all these hotels: the first is the sea.

    The Sextant as a symbol and “avec les pieds dans l'eau” (with your feet in the water) as a trademark, because in the hotels, residences and villas of the Talassio Collection, the sea is always close by and available in all its forms. The other common thread is a special, warm, personalized welcome, made up of tailor-made experiences. The luxury of empathetic hospitality created by the emotional connection offered by the Talassio Experience team, which is able to realize the guest's idea of a holiday.

  • The idea of a holiday is always an individual vision, made up of desires, interests and objectives that are different for each of us.

    Only when the holiday becomes an experiential journey, an inner journey, a journey into the local atmosphere, an immersion in the emotional sensations that come with it, only then it becomes memorable and part of our experience, part of us. A journey close by, in destinations that are easy to reach but in breathtaking places. This is our idea of a holiday and we will be happy to share it with you.